Finding a Rhythm

I‘ve lost my rhythm, and finding it again has been more challenging than I would have expected. It‘s not that I don‘t have a rhythm, but rather I‘m not living my desired one.

I originally lost my rhythm a few years ago due to intense stress. The stressors have recently subsided, and I can again remember my familiar self. But all too often I find myself living foreign patterns as my body settles back into its stress-accustomed rhythm.

I use a daily todo list to help push myself back into desired patterns. It feels great to get tasks done, and checking them off my list is an added bonus.

But some days are harder than others, and it can be easy to let things slip. And if you‘re already in a rut, you don‘t feel the consequences of staying put.

I recently came across a graphic depicting global temperature changes over the last century by year and country. It reminded me of the power of visualization and the emotional pull of streaks.

The BBC composed this graphic for an article discussing the #ShowYourStripes initiative.

And so I‘m going to try a new trick. In addition to maintaining a daily todo list, I‘m going to measure my results in another notebook. The goal is to build and maintain streaks.

Each row in the notebook will feature a high-level category (e.g. Health, Home, Work) and each column will represent a day. I‘ll color code each cell according to how I did and make an honest attempt to regularly reflect on my progress.

How do your find your rhythm?