Do the Oatmeal Dance!

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. Sure, I’d indulge in coffee and a baked treat, but anything more and I’d be ready for bed again; I certainly wouldn’t feel more alert.

In my younger days I managed fine skipping breakfast completely. But as I’ve grown older – and must keep up with my two-year-old – I’ve required something more substantial.

I now prepare a morning bowl of steel cut oats in a process that I call the “oatmeal dance”.

You see, steel cut oats take a long time to cook. Many instructions call for 15-30 minutes, but for my texture preference it usually takes at least an hour. Long enough for me to forget about them until I must run back to the kitchen before they burn.

They never really burn at the lowest temperature of my stove, though; the oats seem to build a thin film over themselves that helps to keep their moisture in. And then it’s nothing that a little more water and a bit of scraping can’t fix. Of course, then I need to wait for them to cook some more and run the risk of another dance back to the kitchen.

Personally I find the time and effort to be quite worth it. I appreciate the rich, creamy and nutty flavor that slow-cooked steel cut oats provide, and there’s some evidence that suggests they have a slightly lower glycemic index than other forms of oats. They may even contain more heart-healthy beta-glucans.

Whole grain oats are also quite nutritious, providing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Don’t like breakfast, give the oatmeal dance a try!