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Run Multiple FoundationDB Clusters on macOS

The FoundationDB documentation provides a guide to Getting Started on macOS. Follow that guide and install the base FoundationDB client and server libraries.

I currently develop in Ruby, so I also downloaded the official Ruby gem from the FoundationDB downloads page, and then ran gem install ~/Downloads/fdb-6.1.8.gem so that it was available locally to RubyGems.

With this setup it’s easy to connect Ruby to FoundationDB and develop on macOS. But what happens when you want to test your code? Running clear_range('', '\xFF') is a common test practice but will also clear your development data.

You could namespace your data, but that makes application configuration and achieving production parity more difficult. It’s often easier to instead run a dedicated FoundationDB test database.

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Autumnal Equinox

Up north the nights are noticeably longer. Morning sun rises later and a calm darkness sets sooner. Our child sleeps.

The first brushes of red, orange and yellow paint the many deciduous trees, and the air becomes ever more brisk.

The change of the seasons is my favorite time of the year.

Do the Oatmeal Dance!

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. Sure, I’d indulge in coffee and a baked treat, but anything more and I’d be ready for bed again; I certainly wouldn’t feel more alert.

In my younger days I managed fine skipping breakfast completely. But as I’ve grown older – and must keep up with my two-year-old – I’ve required something more substantial.

I now prepare a morning bowl of steel cut oats in a process that I call the “oatmeal dance”.

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Finding a Rhythm

I‘ve lost my rhythm, and finding it again has been more challenging than I would have expected. It‘s not that I don‘t have a rhythm, but rather I‘m not living my desired one.

I originally lost my rhythm a few years ago due to intense stress. The stressors have recently subsided, and I can again remember my familiar self. But all too often I find myself living foreign patterns as my body settles back into its accustomed rhythm.

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General Solutions

As a creator it can be easy to get hung up on implementation details. Sometimes you can even get stuck on the implementation itself. But it’s important to not accidentally reduce your customer base with too narrow of a solution.

I did this with Static Website Manager, my first “startup”. I had an old problem and needed a way for less-technical team members to manage a complex website’s data. I also had this problem for a couple simpler websites, which already existed as static Jekyll website.

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Old Problems

Most things take a long while to build. Good results require time and iteration, and that perseverance is challenging. But old problems can provide a persistent counter force.

I took this advice literally when I embarked upon my current side-hustle, and reignited the problem behind my first paid software gig. Fourth time is the charm!

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An Introduction

I’ve never written a blog before, not really. I have designed and maintained several personal websites, but only published completed work.

I wouldn’t dare show you my process. Nor would I write about it. What if was silly, or never materialized? What if it just wasn’t good enough? But we should instead embrace our vulnerabilities.

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