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Static Website Manager

Ruby on Rails 4.x

Static Website Manager is a standardized, git-backed CMS for your custom Jekyll website or blog. I founded Static Website Manager to provide website owners with a collaborative git-based platform that makes it easy for team-members of all technical abilities to contribute to large, complex websites.

The CMS provides each team-member with their own staging branch where they are free to make and preview changes independently from the production branch. When everything looks good, users’ changes can be easily merged into the production branch and deployed to your favorite hosting providers. And because it’s built on git, you always have access to your full project history and can revert back in time whenever necessary.

Plus, in an industry first, you can setup publicly available Form Responders, to drive data back into your repository. Form Responders provide an HTTP endpoint for your HTML form submissions. Form Responders can notify users of incoming data via email and even commit that form submission data back into the repository itself!