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IMPACT Marketing Suite

Ruby on Rails 4.x

The IMPACT Marketing Suite is an extension of the Locable Publisher Network CMS that serves the online needs of small, local businesses. I was hired to single-handedly develop and implement the marketing suite, which provides each customer with a centralized content management dashboard, a simple yet advanced WYSIWYG webpage designer, and tools to publish their content to their own website and all of their controlled social media accounts.

The IMPACT Marketing Suite is a greenfield Ruby on Rails 4.x application deployed to Heroku. The application utilizes many popular Ruby libraries including Devise user authentication, jQuery and Bootstrap front-end development, Elasticsearch and Typeahead for retrieving data, and Stripe subscription handling.

Notable features include a React-driven WYSIWYG webpage editor that allows users of all design abilities to compose beatutiful and engaging pages that pull content and information directly from their standardized business data.