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Locable Publisher Network

Ruby on Rails 3.x-4.x

The Locable Publisher Network provides community-focused publishers an easy-to-use CMS with a fully integrated calendar and local business directory. I was solely responsible for expanding, refactoring and ultimately updating the entire codebase from Ruby on Rails 3.x to 4.x and Boostrap 2.x to 3.x. This process reduced page load times and server administration costs while simplifying the codebase and reducing the lines of code by over a factor of four.

The Locable CMS combines a number of popular Ruby libraries, including Devise and OmniAuth for multi-platform user authentication, jQuery and Bootstrap for front-end development, and Resque queue management. Searchable content is indexed by Elasticsearch, images are uploaded via client-side JS and processed in the background by ImageMagick, and subscription payments are managed by Stripe.

In addition to serving local publishers, the Locable Publisher Network CMS provides basic functionality for small businesses and options for seamlessly linking and upgrading any business to the IMPACT Marketing Suite.