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The Nouvant Platform

Ruby on Rails 3.x-4.x

Nouvant is a SAAS marketplace connecting technology commercialization organizations with buyers from around the world. Nouvant is the next version of CaSTT, a startup originally spun out of the University of Minnesota. While at Nouvant, I was solely responsible for the design, development, implementation and administration of the entire Nouvant Platform.

The Nouvant Platform consisted of four Ruby on Rails applications that handled the corporate website and account management, client administrative tools, live branded technology portfolios, and secure networking and e-commerce transactions. The applications collectively demonstrated many common Rails application requirements; among them, client-editable branded themes, social networking features for buyers and sellers and processing commercial transactions through sellers' third-party merchant accounts.

The Nouvant Platform served top research universities including MIT, Columbia, Dartmouth, and the Universities of Minnesota, Michigan and Florida.