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Architecture: An Interactive Introduction

Ruby on Rails 3.x

Architecture: An Interactive Introduction is a private web application for first-year architecture students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This project previously existed as a Macromedia Shockwave application, but by 2011 few students were able to successfully install the application. If successful, they were trapped inside a small window no more than 480 pixels wide. I worked with the primary professor to transport the architectural content and experience into a modern format. Today, AAII is a robust Ruby on Rails web application with over 400 chapters and thousands of images and videos.

It's not just a benefit to students: the professors now have full control over the content, accessible from any web browser. New chapters can be added or edited, new images uploaded, and the text modified, all from a convenient and usable custom interface. Professors can also manage the class roster and easily send email invitations to incoming students to complete the automatic sign-up process.